вторник, 19 август 2014 г.

Vesela Hristova - Deadlifting 60kg (NEW VIDEO)

Hi guys!
I'm glad to announce you that I can already see the strength gains in my bulk phrase. In my last deadlifting session I worked out with 60kg on the bar (as you can see in the video below).
I hope you like it, don't forget to subscribe,like and comment!
Stay tuned, more and even better videos will be published soon!

вторник, 10 юни 2014 г.

My New Workout Video!

Hi guys!
Many of you wanted me to shoot myself while working out, so that's what I did! 
This is the last video with such bad quality, from now on - 10.06.2014 I'll start uploading HD videos to the Youtube channel - RippedKristiyan. Subscribe,like, comment and also follow me on Facebook!

неделя, 1 юни 2014 г.

Working out videos

Hi guys!
I've already uploaded my first two videos! Hope you like them and if you do, don't forget to hit the like & share buttons! Feel free to give me your creative ideas for new videos.

Thumbs up and stay tuned to RippedKristiyan for more videos!!! <3

петък, 30 май 2014 г.

Welcome to my blog

Hello guys and welcome to my official blog!
I'm about to upload a lot of videos, information, pictures and so on here.. :)
I'm sure you'll like them so just stay tuned for new posts!
My videos would be uploaded in the youtube channel called "RippedKristiyan" - https://www.youtube.com/user/RippedKristiyan/

And my official facebook page is : https://www.facebook.com/veselahristovaa